Town of Stratham
10 Bunker Hill Avenue, Stratham, NH 03885
ph: (603) 772-4741
Motor Vehicle Information
Town Clerk/Tax Collector Hours:  Monday: 8:30 - 7:00.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:  8:30 - 4:00.  Friday: 8:00 - 12:30
Please note that you will be asked to  provide your driver's license to process any type of registration or title.
If you have any questions outisde of the Town Clerk's business hours, please call the Department of Motor Vehicles in Concord at  603-227-4030.  They are there Monday through Friday 8:15 -  4:15.  Please note that these are the hours in Concord!

For Registrations And Titles:
Copies of lost registrations (DSMV 106) can be purchased at any State of NH DMV substation for $15.00 or you may purchase one at the Town Clerk's Office for $18.00.
For a duplicate of a lost title (TDMV 18), you need to fill out an application for duplicate title and submit it (along with $25.00) to the Title Bureau in Concord. The applications are available at all MV substations or at the Stratham Town Clerk’s Office.

For Plates Or Decals:
You can order replacements (DSMV 23) for either one or both plates and /or decals at any State of NH DMV substation or the Town Clerk's Office.

New Residents
If you have never registered a vehicle in the Town of Stratham then you are not established as a resident in our database and you will not be able to register a vehicle without establishing your residency. To do that, you'll need to bring in your current driver's license or other official photo ID and proof of your address in Stratham, NH. You can prove residency with items such as a utility bill or other official mail recently received by you at your address or a signed lease. If your address in Stratham is a PO Box, then you will need to provide a utility bill in your name to prove residency.
Also as a reminder, if you have just moved to NH you have 60 days to apply for a NH Driver's License by NH State Law (RSA 263:35). If you do not apply for a NH Drivers License within the 60 days you will not be allowed to renew your vehicle registration as a N.H. resident or register any other vehicles as a NH resident.  They would be processed as a non-resident.

New Vehicle Registrations
If you recently purchased or leased a vehicle that is the model year 2000 or newer,  you will need the following:

The Town Clerk's copy of your NH Title Application (blue sheet) if your vehicle was purchased or leased from a NH Dealer, or The actual Title or Certificate of Origin that has been signed over to you by the seller if you purchased or leased your vehicle from a private person or from an out-of-state dealer. If you are making payments on your vehicle, please be sure to have the name and mailing address of your lien holder.

If you recently purchased a vehicle that is the model year 1999 or older, you will need one of the following along with a Bill of Sale:
The seller's previous NH registration, or The seller's NH or out of state title, or
the form TDMV 19A - Verification of Vehicle Identification, properly completed. The TDMV 19A's are available at the Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office in Stratham, NH State DMV substations, licensed NH Dealers, and licensed State Inspection Stations.
Please note The Bill of Sale must be signed by both the buyer(s) and seller(s) and must include  their address.  The Bill of Sale must also include the make, model, year, and VIN # of the car you purchased.

If you have an out of state lien holder that retains your title,  registering your vehicle in NH will become a two-step process and you will not be able to get NH plates until the State Title Bureau has swapped titles with your lien holder. You will need to come into the Town Clerk’s Office with:
  • Proof of residency in Stratham (an official piece of mail such as a utility bill recently mailed to you at your new address, or a signed lease, and a photo ID such as your Driver's License)
  • All owners to the vehicle must be present to sign the NH Title application.
  • Your out-of-state registration
  • The mileage on your vehicle when you purchased it
  • The name and mailing address of your lien holder
We will prepare the NH Title Application for you. We will mail that application to Concord to start the process of changing your Out of State title to a NH title. Within a several week period, you will receive a letter from the Concord DMV notifying you that they received your Out of State title from your lienholder, and that they issued your lienholder a NH title.  This letter authorizes you to return to your Town Clerk office to get NH plates and registration for your vehicle. Bring that letter into the Town Clerk’s office and we will issue you the registration and plates.

If your out-of-state registration is expired or will expire within 20 days, OR your vehicle insurance has been cancelled, OR your out-of-state plates have been turned back to that State, or your vehicle is leased, you may be eligible for a 60-Day Temporary plate and registration. Come in to our office with:
  • Proof of residency in Stratham (an official piece of mail recently mailed to you at your new address, or a signed lease and a photo ID such as your driver's license).
  • All owners to the vehicle must be present to sign the NH Title application.
  • Your out-of-State registration.
  • The mileage on your vehicle when you purchased it
  • The name and mailing address of your lien holder
  • The cancellation notice from your insurance company, or your expired out of State registration, or your returned plate receipt.
We will prepare your application for a NH Title and process the town part of the registration and collect the Town of Stratham registration fees. You will then go to any State of NH DMV Sub Station with the title application and the town part of the registration that we prepared, along with proof that your registration or insurance has expired or will be expiring within twenty days. You will pay your State of NH registration fee and State title fee and receive a 60-day temporary plate to use while your title is being swapped with your out of State lien holder. When the State of NH has received your out of State title, the State of NH will mail you a set of NH plates.

Moving in from out of State with a NH lienholder: ~In this case, the Registrant must go to their NH Lienholder, and have them do a NH title application. ~The registrant will then bring the NH title application to the Town Clerk's office, along with their proof of residency, and we will
process a NH registration, and you will be issued NH license plates.

Renewing Registrations

For vehicles owned by a person or persons, the expiration date is the last day of the primary owner's (first name appearing on the registration) birth month. For vehicles owned by businesses or leasing companies, the expiration month varies according to the first letter of the business name.

Transferring Vehicle Registrations

A transfer registration is when you have taken a plated vehicle off the road and would like to transfer the same plates from your old vehicle over to your new vehicle. On a transfer registration, we are able to apply the remaining unused permit fee credit over to the cost of the permit fee on the new vehicle. To do a transfer, the primary owner (the 1st owner listed on the registration) or lessee of the old vehicle must be the listed primary owner or lessee of the new vehicle.
To complete a transfer registration (moving the plates from your old vehicle on to your new vehicle), you must bring in the original  registration to the vehicle you took off the road. (Per RSA 261:66)  If you do not have it, we can process a State-Certified  duplicate registration here for $18.00.   If you are turning your car in to a dealer as a trade in, do not let them keep your original registration.  If you are selling your car to a private owner, do not let them keep your original registration.  This will save you $18.00!

We accept these forms of payment:
  • Checks - One check made out to: The Town of Stratham.  (We will transfer the funds allocated to the State electronically.)
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards - Master Card, Visa,  Discover, and American Express.   Please note that a debit card is processed as a credit card at the counter.There are convenient fees if using a credit card on-line or over the counter.  These fees go directly to our third party processor and are not retained by the Town.   Convenience fees cannot be refunded.
  • Debit Cards - Debit cards are not accepted at the counter.  However, you can use ACH if you process your registration(s) on-line.  Convenience fees will apply.

Proof Of Residency Requirements:
Acceptable Proofs Of Residency:

  • A Current New Hampshire, Or Out Of State Driver's License, Along With One Of The Following.
  • Utility Bill Or Other Official Mail Recently Received At The Stratham Address.
  • A notarized letter or signed lease from your landlord.