2016: Stratham's 300th Anniversary

In 2016, the Town of Stratham had its 300th birthday!Logo

The Stratham 300th Committee was established by vote at the 2010 Town Meeting to "study, investigate, organize, and prepare for the Town of Stratham's 300th Anniversary to occur in the year 2016." The committee ultimately organized and published an update to the Town History ("Stratham at 300") and planned a great, year-long celebration with festivities including a parade, a dinner dance, a historical play, and fireworks. The committee completed its work at the end of 2016 and voters at the 2017 Town Meeting voted to establish a 350th Anniversary Expendable Trust Fund to help defray the future costs associated with celebrating the Town's 350th Anniversary of the granting of its charter, and to raise and appropriate $3,503.50 to put into that fund using unspent funds from the 300th Anniversary events.