Excavation (RSA 72-B:1 through 11 & 13 through 17)

This tax imposes a $.02 per cubic yard of material charge on earth taken from a "taxable excavation." It will be administered much like the Timber Tax.

Every tax year and prior to excavating, any owner who intends to excavate earth must file a notice of intent to excavate (Form PA-38) and administration fee with the Town of Stratham Assessor's Office for each parcel that is to be excavated.  

After the operation is complete or no later than April 15 of each tax year, a "Report of Excavated Material" must be filed with both the municipality and the Department of Revenue Administration.

Notice of Intent to Excavate: (RSA 72-B:8), (Form PA-38) Forms are available online through the NH Department of Revenue, Property Appraisal.

Report of Excavated Material: (Form PA-39) Please note that, unlike the intent to cut wood, the intent to excavate cannot receive an extension.

Doomage: (RSA 72-B:10) A Doomage penalty may be assessed for improper reporting (Doomage is two times what the tax would have been if the Report had been seasonably filed and truly reported.)