About the Select Board

Traditionally, the attendees at each town meeting select 3 people from among them to implement the decisions made at the meeting, hence the term "select board." Individually, select people have no authority. It is only as a group that they may exercise their responsibilities to govern the town. These responsibilities include, among other things:

  • Appointments to all boards and committees. We work hard to create balanced groups by choosing people with varied interests and expertise. What we seek most are people with enthusiasm and an open-minded willingness to work for the best interests of the town.
  • Develop, with the assistance of the Budget Advisory Committee, the annual budget for consideration at town meeting.
  • Develop and make recommendations on warrant articles for town meeting consideration.
  • Pass administrative ordinances. This is done in consultation with voters by way of public hearings. Examples of Administrative ordinances are park and building rules, fees for services, parking regulations.
  • Oversee all town departments except the Wiggin Memorial Library, which has its own Board of Trustees elected by the town’s voters.
  • Oversee all town buildings and assets.
  • Hire all town employees, except for library personnel.
  • Oversee risk management.
  • Issue proclamations.

There are a few functions which are not given to the Board:

  • We cannot interfere with decisions statutorily reserved for other boards. This includes the School Boards, Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals. We do from time to time, however, as agents of the body politic, make comments to these boards on behalf of the voters.
  • We cannot exercise any authority not enabled by state statute. New Hampshire is not a "Home Rule" state.

Meeting Information

The Select Board meets on the first and third Mondays except for official Town holidays.  We meet at 7:00pm in the Hutton Meeting Room at the Municipal Center. Our agendas are posted by 5:00pm on the preceding Friday, although additions to the agenda may be made during the meeting at the discretion of the Board. The Board will convene for special meetings as needed. Please look for posted agendas to confirm project and special meetings. All meetings are open to the public although portions may be conducted in non public session in accordance with the state's "Right To Know" law (RSA 91A:3 II a).

We strongly encourage public participation and public comment is always welcome as part of our discussions. Those with lengthy presentations should, by the preceding Wednesday, request to be put on the agenda. Those who have a quick concern they wish to share may do so by speaking to the Chair or the Town Administrator immediately prior to the meeting.