Budget Advisory Committee

The Budget Advisory Committee is a group appointed by the Town Moderator to review the town departments' budget proposals and to advise the Select Board as they determine the overall Town Budget to present to the voters at Town Meeting. Usually, the budget advisory committee and the Select Board meet with department representatives during the month of January, then work together to compile a budget which is printed in the warrant and town report in advance of the annual Town Meeting in March.

About Budget Committees in NH

Towns and districts may choose to have no budget committee, and may also choose to have an unofficial, advisory budget or finance committee. However, an unofficial committee is purely advisory and has none of the statutory duties or authority of an official budget committee. The governing body in those municipalities will prepare the budget, hold the hearings and present their proposal to voters, who will not be bound by the 10 percent limitation. RSA 32:24. Stratham has an advisory budget committee.

Committee Members (As Appointed by Town Moderator)

June Sawyer
Rachel Jefferson - School Board Rep.
Wayne Young
Ben Zaimes
Connie Aubin-Adams
Tedd Tramaloni
David Emanuel