Boat Registrations

New Registrations:  Owner of newly purchased boat must come in along with their current driver's license and Bill of Sale to the Town Clerk's Office in order to process a new boat registration.  

The Bill of Sale must have year and make of boat, Buyer's and Seller's name, address, signatures, and the HIN#.  We will be asking you the following: length of boat, style, color, hull material, propulsion-(inboard/outboard), single or double engine, type of fuel, and horsepower.                         

Renewals: The owner of the boat must come in to process the renwal.  If the owner chooses to allow another party to come in to do the renewal process, the owner must give them the current renewal notice that was sent out by the State of NH.  The notice must be signed by the owner of the boat.  Whoever comes in to process the renewal must have their current driver's license with them.