Energy Commission

The Stratham Energy Commission will serve as an advisory committee to the Stratham Select Board on issues related to energy, conservation, greenhouse gas reduction and sustainability.  The goal of the SEC is to promote and encourage energy conservation measures for Stratham’s residents, businesses and municipal operations.  The commission will work with the Town staff to review current energy efficiency practices and possible future actions.  The commission’s work will be available to the Planning Board as a resource with respect to energy consideration in the next Master Plan update.  The commission will also work with non-profit organizations for technical assistance in a variety of areas.  Some of the commission’s objectives include:


  • Increase public awareness and encourage participation in the reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions; opportunities relating to sustainability and renewable energy sources
  • Research energy related issues and actions taken by other Local Energy Commissions in New Hampshire
  • Gather educational and informational resources for the use of residents, businesses and the Town
  • Develop a plan to address the short and long term energy needs of Stratham.  The plan may include projects such as:
  • Assess the Town building energy usage by implementing a benchmarking software program
  • Conduct an energy audit of each municipal building
  • Research energy efficiency standards and regulations being implemented by the State of New Hampshire’s Department of Energy and Planning
  • Research grant and rebate opportunities through the local utility company and other sources
  • Develop recommendations to the Select Board to improve efficiencies in energy and fuel use town wide

Board Members

Name Title
Michael Welty Chair
Michael Ream Member
Matt O'Keefe Member
Charlie Case Member
Joe Van Gombos