Townwide Inventory of Historical Resources

What is the Townwide Inventory of Historical Resources?

As part of its mission to assist the Town in recognizing the historical and cultural assets as well as the patterns of development that help to define our community, the Heritage Commission hired a preservation consultant to complete a comprehensive townwide survey of historic resources in Stratham.  Lisa Mausolf examined the entire town and completed forms provided by the N.H. Division of Historic Resources.  She created a narrative of Stratham’s development and evolving neighborhoods, its prevalent architectural features, and a table that highlights critical data about each property in town that is over 50 years old.  Historic and modern photos are included to illustrate the report.

Ms. Mausolf collected data on all of Stratham’s historic properties including accurate information on exterior building style, building materials, and architectural details, as well as landscape features and setting.  Whenever possible, historical context has been added to the report, including period photographs.  Information was gathered from town records, property deeds, the Stratham Historical Society’s collections, historic maps from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, local newspaper archives, books, and from residents’ private collections. 

Why undertake a historic resource survey?

Stratham’s Master Plan states that the town "desires a well planned community with a rural residential and agricultural character... (with) protected natural and historic resources."  Accurate information on historic resources is essential to that goal of planning for preservation and for growth that is consistent with values and character of our community.  Just as we need information to guide the wise use of our natural resources, we need comprehensive data to make informed decisions about our cultural and historic resources.

How will the inventory report be used?

The completed survey will be sent to the N.H. Division of Historic Resources as part of its statewide survey effort.  In Stratham the inventory report will serve as a rich resource of historical information and contemporary development for present-day and future researchers, land use boards, and town staff.  The survey will be used by the Heritage Commission, the Demolition Review Committee, the Route 33 Neighborhood Heritage District Committee, the Planning Department and Planning Board as well as other boards, commissions and committees whose work may require access to historical information.  Recently, for instance, survey data was used in the preparation of two town grant applications. The survey will be of great use to property owners, genealogists, and all those interested in town history.  An interactive online map is also planned, which will allow the general public easy access to information about their own homes, neighborhoods, and the town at large.

Nathan Merrill
Stratham Heritage Commission
March 10, 2023

Follow this link to view the Townwide Survey: