Municipal Center Handicap Handrail Replacement Project

The Highway Department replaced an old split rail fence with an ADA compliant handrail. The department used surplus granite posts from the Maple Lane Cemetery. The handrail was welded in house, painted, and mounted on the granite posts.

Benjamin Road Subsurface Drainage

The Highway Department installed subsurface drainage to improve stormwater management along Benjamin Road. Nyloplast drainage structures and underdrain were installed along with erosion stone and jute mat erosion controls.

Municipal Center Parking Lot

The Highway Department teamed up with Bell & Flynn Contractors, The University of New Hampshire, and Geosyntec Engineers. The team designed and constructed a new expanded a parking lot to improve traffic flow, drainage, and increase the number of parking spaces. Over 3,000 cubic yards of fill was removed from the expanded parking area and used to construct subgrade for a new multipurpose ball field. Subsurface drainage was reconstructed as a bio retention cell and tree filter were designed and installed as part of a stormwater grant through the University of New Hampshire. The parking lot was completed in 2015 after the completion of installing the binder and surface course of pavement. A total of 52 parking spaces were added throughout the course of the project.

Transfer Station

The project consisted of the removal of a settled concrete pad reserved for metal recycling. The Highway Department worked closely with Pine Tree Engineering and Bell & Flynn Contractors to engineer a long lasting, cost effective solution. Numerous elevation shots were taken with a laser to ensure proper drainage throughout the transfer station.

Processed gravel was installed and compacted in 6" lifts. A 2" binder course of bituminous pavement was installed along with a 1-1/2" wearing course.

Drainage swales were shaped along either sides of the roadway to aid in the drainage process  Jute mat was installed to prevent erosion control in these areas.

Stratham Hill Park: Gifford Hay Field & Ice Rink Improvements

Working to maintain Stratham's agricultural heritage, the Highway Department worked closely with John Law and removed large boulders from the Gifford Hay Field. The boulders were removed to allow the field to be plowed and reseeded.  

In addition to this project, the Highway and Parks Department installed a 630' waterline, curb stops, and two yard hydrants. The hydrants were installed to help maintain the ice rink in the winter months. Crews removed approximately 1800 yards of fill and regraded the rink using a laser level.

Town Center Signs

The team installed (4) Town Center Signs in key locations directed by The Town Center Committee. The signs were mounted on large irregular granite posts. The posts were installed approximately 40" below grade. The posts were backfilled with rapid setting concrete.

Cemetery Landscaping Improvements

Crews removed overgrown shrubs around the flagpole. Cobblestone edging was installed along with ¾" crushed stone. These improvements are the first of many to come as the Cemetery Trustees and the Highway Department will be working together to design and build a new landscape for the Maple Lane Cremation Garden.