Snow & Ice Management

Snow Parking Ban

Town Ordinance provides for "NO PARKING" on any street or property plowed by the Town of Stratham or any other place where & when snow removal would be hindered.  

Effective: 11:00pm through 7:00am, November 1st through April 30th. Cars in violation will be towed.
Per Town of Stratham ordinance #1-93.

Winter Reminder to Property Owners from the Governer's Commission on Disability:

It is illegal to pile snow into an accessible parking space or access aisle. Accessible parking spaces and access aisles must be cleared within 24 hours of an adverse weather event. Signs designating accessible parking spaces and access aisles that are relocated for the purpose of snow removal must be immediately returned after the weather event. The route of travel from the accessible parking to the accessible building entrance must be kept clear of snow and ice.

Obstruction of an access aisle or parking place reserved for persons with a walking disability carries a fine of up to $250. (RSA 265:74-a)

New Hampshire's residents and visitors will thank you!

For additional information contact the Governor’s Commission on Disability: (603) 271-2773 or email: 

It is illegal for anyone, at any time, to park in the striped access aisle!

Sand & Salt for Residents

Stratham residents are eligible to collect a bucket of sand or salt for home use from time to time at the Highway Department's buildings on Bunker Hill Avenue.

Please be sure not to drive into the shed before getting permission, as employees may be working inside.

For more information, please call the department at (603) 772-5550.

Mailbox Rules & Regulations

The Stratham Highway Department follows the Residential Mailbox Standards of the US Postal Service. It is important to adhere to these rules to avoid damage to your mail receptacle or town property and to ensure that your carrier is able to deliver your mail properly.