Newest (1/19/2018) Update on State of NH 10-Year Transportation Plan

Bunker Hill/Portsmouth Avenue Intersection Improvements

The Governor has included this project in his submittal to the Legislature.  Thank you to everyone who got us this far.  Now it is up to the Legislature to create a funding proposal that supports the Plan and its priorities.  Additional funding could accelerated the projected start date of this project, which is currently scheduled to be in the year 2028.  Please contact your legislator.

Here's the latest on the State of NH 10 Year Transportation Plan.

The GACIT Commission has recommended to the Governor a 10-year Transportation Plan that includes improvements to the intersection of Rt. 108 (Portsmouth Avenue)/Bunker Hill Avenue intersection.  The Governor now has to decide what will be included in his proposal to the State Legislature.  Here is a summary of the status of the process taken from the RPC's latest newsletter:

NHDOT 10 Year Plan Update

"At the 1/10 MPO Policy Committee meeting RPC staff updated Commissioners on the draft 2019-2028 State Ten Year Transportation Plan as adopted by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Intermodal Transportation (GACIT). The draft includes the changes that GACIT made to the initial draft prepared by NHDOT, and reflects the input received at the public hearings held around the state on both general transportation needs as well as the hearings on the proposed Turnpike Toll increases. The document has been submitted to the Governor for review and revisions, and by 1/15/2018, must be submitted to the Legislature for their review and revisions. The Ten Year Plan will be adopted by the legislature and signed by the Governor by June 2018. For more information contact Dave Walker."

Taken from the GACIT Recommendations for the State of NH 10 Year Transportation Improvements Plan  2019-2028

STRATHAM (41711)

Route/Road  NH 108/BUNKER HILL AVENUE                    Category  INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS

Scope  SIGNALIZATION, TURN LANES AND INTERSECTION                        Strategy  TIER 2

Phase                                                          Year                           Funding                Program
Preliminary Engineering                              2028                          130,000                None-Other
Right of Way                                                2028                            65,000                None-Other
Construction                                                 2028                       1,105,000                None-Other
                                                                     Total                      $1,300,000

                                                                                                         Previous Funding                      $0
                                                                                                   Current TYP Funding        $1,300,000 
                                                                                                        Funding Required                       $0
                                                                                                        Total Project Cost         $1,300,000

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