Recycling Changes at the Transfer Station

Recycling Changes at the Transfer Station

Due to changing recycling markets and the cost of recycling certain products, the Town of Stratham Transfer Station has reorganized its recycling containers to continue to process recyclables properly in an efficient and cost effective manner.

A concrete containment for glass bottles has been added to the Transfer Station between the cardboard and electronics container.  Glass must be removed from bags.  Signs have been added delineating the glass storage area.

The cardboard container accepts only cardboard. Paper and newspaper must go in the comingled recycling container positioned by the brush pile.  Please breakdown all boxes and place them as far forward in the container as possible.  A sign has been added to the card board container.

A larger comingled recycling container has been positioned by the brush pile.  A sign has been added to the container.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.  With your help, Stratham can continue to recycle efficiently and cost effectively.

Colin P. Laverty
Director of Public Works