Stratham Hill Park Upper Baseball Field Reconstruction

To:       All Stratham Residents and Stratham Hill Park Users     
From:    Colin Laverty, Director of Public Works

RE:       Stratham Hill Park Upper Baseball Field Reconstruction

The Town of Stratham will be reconstructing the upper baseball field at Stratham Hill Park beginning August 13, 2018. Large sink holes have appeared over the course of several years and test pits, taken in 2017 have confirmed that large stumps, logs, and concrete were buried during the field’s original construction many years ago.  Due to potential safety risks, The Town of Stratham is going to reconstruct the ball field to remove these safety hazards. The projects scope of work will consist of the following:

  1. The existing infield skin material will be removed and stockpiled for reuse.
  2. Approximately 8,000 cubic yards of material will be striped and stockpiled from the existing ball field.
  3. Existing loam will be screened and stockpiled in the old ice rink area below the ballfield.
  4. An excavator will be used to rototill the ballfield to original ground, removing any unsuitable material (stumps, logs, concrete).
  5. Any unsuitable material will be hauled away and disposed. 
  6. Mirafi 500X geotextile road fabric will be used to stabilize the subbase of the exiting ball field.
  7. Clean fill will be hauled in if required. 
  8. Screened loam will be installed and graded. 
  9. The field will be laser graded and baseball infield skin will be installed.
  10. Irrigation and sod will be installed on the new field.
  11. Depending on budget constraints, the outfield fence will most likely be installed in 2019.

Project Duration

Start Date: August 13, 2018

Completion Date: September 30, 2018

For more information on this upcoming work, please contact Colin Laverty at 603-772-5550. 

Colin P. Laverty
Director of Public Works