State of New Hampshire Emergency Alerts

New Hampshire Emergency Alerts

The State of New Hampshire encourages you to sign up with your contact information to receive emergency notifications via their NH Alerts program. Click here to sign up. By signing up, you will receive instant alerts to keep you informed of time sensitive information. Please note alerts may be issued to the entire state, town or specific communities and will only be used in the event of an emergency and to provide important safety information. Such alerts include evacuation notices, missing child alerts and boil water notifications. Based on your personal preference, alerts will be delivered via phone call, text message, email or a combination of all three.  A NH Alerts mobile application is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Emergency Alerts on your Smartphone

The State of New Hampshire is also committed to keeping you informed even if you're away from home or work. The State is now offering a free public safety app called CodeRED Mobile Alert that will allow you to receive instant, location-based alerts on the go, directly on your smartphone. Download the app on iTunes or Google Play. Downloading the app will allow State officials to reach you if you're traveling through New Hampshire. If traveling throughout the United States, the app will notify you of any alerts launched to the app by other city officials. App users can listen to any active alert throughout the country at any time to learn essential information regarding evacuations, road closures, potential tornadoes and other urgent warnings issued by public safety officials.