Dogs at Stratham Hill Park

Town Ordinance
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Do you bring your dog to Stratham Hill Park? If so, please take a moment to review Town Ordinance CHAPTER 1-12 ANIMAL CONTROL AT STRATHAM HILL PARK and Town Ordinance CHAPTER 1-14 REGULATION OF DOGS. It’s important we ALL understand the leash law and keep all park users safe and enjoying the beautiful park.

RUNNING AT LARGE PROHIBITED (dog must be on leash)

  • All parking lots
  • Ball fields and lawns within Stratham Hill Park
  • Conservation and privately owned land (all land outside of Stratham Hill Park and Town Forest)

RUNNING AT LARGE PERMITTED (allowed off leash)

  • Dog must be accompanied by owner and under the command or control of the owner
  • Stratham Hill Park trails (shaded green area to exclude ball fields, parking lots and grass area)
  • Stratham Town Forest (shaded brown area)

PLEASE NOTE: Running at large is prohibited on privately owned land. Dog owners are responsible for removal of excrement (Ordinance 14-03-C).

Thank you to Stratham - Newfields Vetinary Hospital for providing bags for park users!