Stratham Skatepark

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In spring 2017 residents came together with a common goal: to find a way to build a community skatepark in our town.  After multiple meetings with the Select Board, Budget Committee, and finally the Town Vote in March 2018 the residents were able to solidify $35,000 from the town to begin the project.  

Over the course of 2018 the Stratham Skatepark Committee worked to select a design firm (Pillar Design Studios), builder (Artisan Skateparks), and did test digs at multiple locations for the proposed 7,500 square-foot skatepark. A final location was approved at Stevens Park, off Bunker Hill Ave.

On March 15, 2019 we presented a Citizens Petition Warrant Article at Town Meeting to request $265,000 to construct the skatepark. Unfortunately, the article was defeated by a vote of 101 to 98 in a secret ballot. A recount was held a few days later where the results remained the same. Despite this loss we are fully committed to continue the fight for the project.

In order to minimize tax payer contribution we will be continuing to raise money through various fundraising.  The funds raised will go directly towards the building of the skatepark. To complete the project we estimate that we will need roughly $265,000.  Whether you bike, scoot, skate, inline, or ride a unicycle you are an athlete and you are DESERVING of an amazing, safe place to practice your sport.   

Ongoing fundraisers: 


Brick Fundraiser: Purchase a brick to be placed in the skate park. 

Wondering where the funds that are raised will go? All money raised will go directly to the Town of Stratham under the Parks and Recreation Department.

Thank you for your support and belief in the project.


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