Age Friendly Communities Project

Eight facets of Age Friendly CommunitiesThe Town of Stratham is partnering with the Rockingham Regional Planning Commission to complete an Age Friendly Communities assessment for Stratham in 2022. This work will look at how Stratham can be more accomodating of, and accessible for, residents of all ages but particularly of the fast-growing population of those age 65 and over. Between 2020 and 2035, New Hampshire's population of those age 65 and over is forecast to increase by approximately 45 percent. This effort will analyze eight dimensions of Age Friendly Communities, including Outdoor Spaces & Buildings, Transportation, Housing, Social Participation, Respect & Social Inclusion, Work & Civic Engagement, Communication & Information, and Health & Nutrition Services. The Assessment will be guided by a Community Survey and a Local Community Forum. The survey can be accessed at: 

Interested in the survey results collected so far? Read a summary of the Stratham Age Friendly survey results and more information behind the project HERE.  

More Information about the Age Friendly Initiative: