Current Planning Board Agenda Projects

This page has been created to display those projects currently under review by the Planning Board.  Typically projects require review at more than one meeting.  The Planning Board will continue projects as necessary.  The agenda for each Planning Board meeting will be posted at least one (1) week prior to each meeting; (click here for the 2018 Planning Board Meeting Schedule).  It is Staff's recommendation that interested public enroll in e-notifications for Planning Board Agendas so they can receive an email as soon as an agenda is posted.  This page will NOT provide individual project timelines.  The links provided below will display NEW information to be reviewed by the Planning Board at the specified meeting date.  Past meeting project informaiton will be provided by subsequent link.


The following projects will be reviewed at the April 18, 2018 Meeting of the Planning Board:

If you are interested in past meeting materials, you may contact the Planning Department Office or check this link for Planning Board Projects.



**DISCLAIMER--Planning Department Staff will make every effort to keep the information provided on this page as up to date as possible however,  the public is encouraged to review the hardcopy file as it represents the full and legal record for each project.  Thank you.***