Town Master Plan Update


This page has been created to keep Stratham residents updated and informed throughout the Master Plan Update process.  The last time the Town's Master Plan was updated in a comprehensive manner was in 1998.  While numerous parts and pieces have been revised since 1998, 2018 marks the begining of a new chapter for the Town.  Townwide particpation in this process is critcal.  While the Town has contracted with the Horsley Witten Group to assist the Town in creating the new Master Plan, it is your collective Town voices that will help create a Stratham Master Plan that we can all be proud of.

Additionally, the Board of Selectmen have appointed a Steering Committee that will work directly with Town staff and the consultant.  The Steering Committee will report to the Planning Board throughout the update process.  Ultimately the Planning Board will adopt the Master Plan.


Be sure to subscribe to this page as the Town will use it to share information through each phase of the process.  We have our own page!  Please visit for up to date information and meeting materials, blogs, and more!


PDF icon Town of Stratham, NH Master Plan RFP397.56 KB