Damages to Tax Payer Investment - Roadway Paving

Dear Residents,
Recently tax dollars were invested in the reconstruction of Long Hill Road, Berry Hill Road and Gifford Farm Road.  Ample notice was provided to residents living along these streets regarding work schedule and work was executed in a timely manner.

Subsequently, the newly reconstructed roadway was damaged by private contractor’s equipment within days of the reconstruction.  Potholing and cracking will result due to the damages and now costly services will be required to mitigate the problem.

Please, when contracting services, be aware that the resident is ultimately responsible for any damages caused by rented or contracted equipment within the Town’s Right of Way; asphalt and not excluding shoulder of road and ditch lines.  Damages do not only result from equipment but also we have experienced increased spoiling of bulk materials, i.e. stone, gravel, soil and mulch on top of our roadways.  This practice not only scars and contributes to silting of storm drains, it also creates a liability for the Town.  The unexpected obstruction placed within the travel lane creates the potential for a motor vehicle accident.

This problem is not unique to this year’s work; sadly, it occurs nearly once each year to your investments.  Please work with the Town officials to protect your investments, be present when contractors or rented equipment is mobilized at private property.  Require equipment to be off loaded onto private driveways or lawn.  Replacement of a few yard of soil and grass seed is far less costly than the tens of thousands that goes into paving the roadway past your private frontage.  Thank you for your consideration.