Gateway Implementation

The vision for the Gateway articulated in the Town's draft Master Plan (2019) was adopted by the Planning Board in 2008.  The Gateway refers to the commercial/mixed use zones along Portsmouth Avenue beginning at the edge of Town near Route 101 and ending approximately at Raeder Drive. This district has a clearly articulated vision in The Gateway Commercial Business District Master Plan (District Master Plan), which states the district will…“Enhance the economic vitality, business diversity, accessibility, and visual appeal of Stratham’s Gateway Commercial Business District, in a manner that is consistent with the landscape and architecture of the Town’s agricultural tradition.”


The current zoning of the District was adopted to implement the Vision in the Gateway plan.  The opportunities and benefits to Stratham residents and the quality of life for those who live here are numerous:

• Upgraded amenities (i.e. modernized shopping facilities for groceries, markets)
• New services and uses and gathering spaces (i.e. theaters and civic spaces)
• Diversified housing options for seniors and people at all stages of life
• Modern site development that better cares for the environment (i.e. stormwater quality and waterways)
• Side and interior roads, which relieve congestion and turning movements pressure on 108 and invite pedestrians and bicyclists.
• More viable economic structure for the Town through added property valuation

Quality of Development:
In addition to new uses including a mix of stores, eating places, residential units, and offices, the quality of site development will provide many physical improvements, site design techniques will incorporate sophisticated approaches to circulation, aesthetics, environmental sustainability, retail planning, and safety. Development concepts will be scrutinized for their ability to create cohesion between abutting land uses, the surrounding landscape, and meet the intent of the Gateway District Master Plan.

The Gateway District regulations require:

1. Public spaces that are attractive, inviting, and help define the character of a place;
2. Redevelopment scaled to the pedestrian experience, while being accessible and accommodating to the automobile;
3. Well-connected sidewalks, minimal curb cuts, and shade will help promote walking and cycling; and DRAFT #5 – Stratham Master Plan 17 July 26, 2019
4. Landscaping using indigenous plant communities found in New England with native granite incorporated into retaining walls, entry monuments, and other site features.

Every aspect of site design, building orientation, circulation, and architecture will be chosen to establish the Gateway as a unique destination where people live, work, dine and come for entertainment.

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