Stratham Police Department

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Stratham Police Badge, Stratham NH

Mission & Vision Statement

The men and women of the Stratham Police Department are dedicated to serving the Town of Stratham, and our residents with the highest degree of professionalism, and compassion.  We are committed to promoting, and building strong community relationships in order to make Stratham a more caring, and safe place to live, work and visit.  Through dedicated service, and while protecting all constitutional freedoms and enforcing the law impartially, we will serve the Town of Stratham and tirelessly strive to accomplish our mission.

Department Values

Integrity- Adhering to moral and ethical principles at all times.

Professionalism- Taking pride in our actions, duties, development and appearance.

Empathy- Treating each individual with dignity, respect, and fairness by understanding and sharing their feelings.

Leadership- Inspiring others in the community to achieve goals by leading by example.

Courage- Instilling trust and standing for justice in the face of danger

Creativity- Creating a trusting environment where people may develop and be willing to go beyond traditional expectations.

Teamwork- Maintaining a working environment that respects individual opinion while building consensus to a common goal.

Accountability- Taking responsibility for our actions at all times.