Stratham Police Department

Some of the programs that the Stratham Police Department offer are:

Drug Take Back Box - We have recently installed a DTB box in our main lobby.  Please feel free to stop in to drop off any unused or expired medications in a safe and controlled manner.  NO sharps or liquids or illegal drugs are allowed.

Child Safety Seat Inspections - The Stratham Police Department is a Child Safety Seat Inspection Station.  We now have an officer who is a certified child safety seat technician. If you would like to have a child seat inspected for correct installation, fill out the top half of this form and call us for an appointment at 778-9691.

Vacant House Checks - When you go away on vacation, you can count on us to keep an eye out on your house for a little extra peace of mind.  Just use this form to email your info to us such as emergency contact numbers, how long you will be gone for, if there are any vehicles in your driveway, do you have lights on timers, etc.

Police Ride Alongs - Have you ever wondered what the average work day is like for one of your local officers?  Now is your chance to see first hand by riding in a police cruiser with an officer during their shift.  You could be making motor vehicle stops, checking buildings, and responding to all types of calls.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions and learn all about your local police department!

Victims, Inc. - A private, non-profit agency which provides immediate service, with trained volunteers, prepared to be with people during the worst moments of their lives; volunteers who stay until the family's own support system is in place. The mission of VICTIMS, INC. is to complete the circle of services for victims, from onset of trauma through healing. All services are free. Click here for more information.