Softball Program

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Volunteer Softball Board
Peter Griem ~ President
James Marsden~ Secretary / Treasurer
Michel Thornton ~ Marketing / Fundraising
Kevin Parmelee ~ Facilities / Equipment
Michaleen Craig ~ Concessions / Ice Cream Sales
Patrick Sturtevant ~ Board Member
Jen Von Der Linden ~ Board Memeber


Program Details

6U Softball (tee-ball and coach pitch) ~ Designed specifically for girls aged 6 and younger as of January 1st.  The program takes place each Saturday morning from 9:00 to 10:30 in Stratham.  Additional, optional practices and scrimmages may be scheduled, pending coach’s availability.  Teams from other SAU16 schools will visit and play in this fun, relaxed, learning program.  10 inch diameter sof-touch balls (leather cover, sponge center) are used. The first 45 minutes is dedicated to learning softball fundamentals, including rules and skills that differentiate softball from baseball. The last 45 minutes is structured game play with Coaches continuing to instruct players during the game.  Players hit from either a tee, or from coach-pitch – whichever they are most comfortable with. 

8U Softball ~ Players hit off of a spring-loaded pitching machine and use 11 inch diameter sof-touch balls (leather cover, sponge center). This instructional league generally consists of three scheduled 1-1/2 hr games or practices per week, including a Saturday game.    The main focus at this level is to teach players core softball rules while developing skills in a fun environment.  Limited roster sizes, and automated pitching allow for faster paced games with plenty of hitting and fielding.  Emphasis is placed on fundamentals and teamwork. Home games & practices are in Stratham.  Away Games are within SAU16.  Year end jamboree will be held at Exeter High School

10U Softball ~ Players hit off of player pitching (coach pitch after ball four) and use 11 inch diameter ‘hard’ softballs. This developmental league consists of three 2hr games or practices a week, including a Saturday game.  Players continue building and refining fundamental skills while learning game strategy.  Volunteer parents or paid high school players will umpire the games.  Standings are kept, but focus is not on winning.  Certain local rules are in place to encourage learning and speed up the pace of games.  Players get to try all positions. Home games & practices are in Stratham. Away Games are within SAU 16.

12U Softball ~ Players hit exclusively off of player pitching and use full-size regulation 12-inch diameter softballs.  Players are still developing and learning and new players are encouraged to participate.  The 12U season consists of three or four 2 hour sessions per week, including one to three games per week.  Trained umpires call most games, and most Babe Ruth/ASA rules apply.  Players begin to specialize at couple of positions appropriate for their skills and talents, though they will still experience multiple positions.  Advanced rules and topics are introduced.  Home games & practices are in Stratham.  Approximately 6 regular season games will be played within a 20 minute drive from the Stratham Municipal Center.

14U Softball ~ The 14U league is competitive and usually consists of experienced players.  The season consists of three or four 2-hr sessions per week, including one to three games per week.  It is fast paced and exciting.  Certified umpires call all games, and full official Babe Ruth/ASA rules apply.  Players generally play positions they know and are comfortable with.  Advanced offensive and defensive strategies are taught.  Home games & practices are in Stratham. Approximately 6 regular season games will be played within a 20 minute drive from the Stratham Municipal Center.

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BIRTH CHART FOR 2018 – SOFTBALL DIVISIONS Player age groups are determined by the birth chart shown below.
2013 - 6U2010 - 8U2007 - 10U2004 - 14U
2012 - 6U2009 - 8U2006 - 12U2003 - 14U
2011 - 6U2008 - 10U2005 - 12U 

Example: A girl born anytime within the year 2007 registers for “10U” softball – i.e. “10 years old and under, as of Jan. 1, 2018”


PLEASE SIGN UP TO COACH WHEN YOU REGISTER YOUR CHILD TO PLAY.  We will provide instruction.  There will be a training for all volunteer coaches and mandatory background screening. This training will focus on coaching fundamentals and philosophy as well as provide guidance for creating and running practices and games.