Voter FAQs

Q: Where can I register to vote?

A: Registration can be done at the Town Clerk’s Office during regular business hours Monday through Friday. Additional Supervisors of the Checklist registration sessions will be held periodically prior to elections. These dates will be published in the Exeter News Letter, and posted at the Town Hall, and on the Town website. You may also register to vote on Election Day. (Excluding town and school deliberative sessions.)

Q: Where do I go to vote?

A: All Town and State elections are held at the Stratham Municipal Center, 10 Bunker Hill Avenue, Stratham, NH. The polling hours are currently 8:00am to 8:00pm. The Town Meeting in March is held at the Stratham Memorial School, 39 Gifford Farm Road, Stratham, NH.

Q: Who can vote in Stratham?

A: You need to be at least 18 years of age, a US citizen, and a resident of the Town of Stratham, NH.

Q: What documents do I need to register?

A: You will need to provide proof of age, citizenship, and residency. You must also provide a photo ID that proves your identity. In most cases, a current, valid NH driver's license with a Stratham street address will satisfy these requirements. If you were not born in the US, you will need to provide a US passport or naturalization papers to prove citizenship. If you are unable to provide any of the above documents, we have affidavits that you may sign for age and citizenship, under penalty of perjury, that the information you are providing to us is true and accurate. You do have to provide proof of  Residency.  You can call us for further information regarding acceptable documents for Residency, as well as a special affadavit that is allowed if within 30 days of an election.

Q: What if I was not born in the United States?

A: Naturalization papers will prove your citizenship. If you were born overseas to parents in the US armed services, please provide documentation of this occurrence. A US passport will also suffice.

Q: What if I have just moved to Stratham, and have not had my new address legally printed on my driver's license by the DMV?

A: You may bring in another document that has your current Stratham street address on it, such as a utility bill, car registration, etc. in addition to your existing driver's license.

Q: Who is eligible to vote by absentee ballot?

A: You may only request an absentee ballot if you are unable to come to the polls because of work, illness, injury, religious observance, or if you are unable to make it to the polling place between 8:00am to 8:00pm on Election Day.  

Q: How do I vote by absentee ballot?

A: Absentee ballots are available from your Town Clerk approximately three to four weeks prior to an election. You may request the absentee ballot application from the Town Clerk or you may submit a request in writing which should include all the information that is required on the application: Your name, voting address, mailing address, and your signature. A written request for an absentee ballot may also be transmitted by facsimile. Clerks may accept completed absentee ballots submitted in person until 5:00pm the day before an election or until 5:00pm on Election Day if received through the mail.

Q: How do I vote if I'm in the Armed Services?

A: An armed service voter may apply for an absentee ballot from the Town or City Clerk of the town in which he/she was domiciled immediately prior to entering the service. Armed service voters are eligible to vote for all offices. (See F.P.C.A. information below.)

Q: Can I vote if I'm an overseas citizen?

A: Any person who is domiciled outside the United States has the right to register and vote absentee in any federal election (President, United States Senator, United States Representative) in the town or city in New Hampshire in which they had their domicile immediately prior to their departure from the United States, even though the person no longer maintains a domicile in said city or town and even though their intent to return is uncertain. (See F.P.C.A. information below.)

Q: How do I register to vote by absentee registration?

A: If you meet the State's voter requirements and qualifications and are unable to register in person because of physical disability, religious beliefs, military service, or because of temporary absence, you may register by mail. You should request an absentee voter registration affidavit and a standard voter registration form from your Town Clerk. The absentee voter registration affidavit must be witnessed and then the affidavit and the voter registration form are to be returned to the Town Clerk.  

Q: What is an F.P.C.A. and what is it used for?

A: An F.P.C.A. is a Federal Post Card Application and it is used by Uniformed (Armed Services) and Overseas Citizens. You may also use it if you are a student temporarily out of the U.S. You can download this form from our website under the Town Clerk link for "downloadable forms-elections" or on the NH State Website.  . You can send the F.P.C.A. in via regular mail or email. Once we receive the F.P.C.A., we can send you the ballot via regular mail or email, depending on what you have checked off. (If you are out of the country, and you check off email, you will receive the ballot instantly). You do have to mail your marked ballot back via regular mail, or, if you prefer, priority, express, or overnight. (You cannot return the completed ballot back via email). The F.P.C.A. will also take care of voter registration if you are not registered to vote.

For further information, please check out the NH State website.

Updated Nov. 2017