Pedestrian and Cyclist Advocacy Committee

Structure of the PCAC

The PCAC will continue as an ad-hoc committee. One or two Chairs and one Secretary will be elected by PCAC members for terms of up to 3 years.  A quorum of committee members may vote and act in the name of the PCAC.

Membership & Meetings

Membership on the committee is open to all Stratham residents, applications being made through the Town Administrator. 

Applicants should have an interest in promoting walking and the use of the bicycle for transportation and recreation and be able to make a commitment to attend monthly meetings and participate in the work of the committee.

Regular meetings shall be held on a day and time designated by the PCAC and communicated with the Town for inclusion in meeting postings.

Proposed Projects - 2021

Safe Routes to School

Relying on the Safe Routes to School Action Plan, provide recommendations regarding priorities for road improvement projects.  Complete the final elements of the implemented plan of 2019.

Master Trail Plan

Through collaboration with the Parks and Recreation Department, the PCAC will designate a Master Trail Plan that provides a “road map” for connectivity projects and initiatives.

Complete Streets Policy

Implementing the vision of the Town Master Plan in cooperation with Town staff and board members, the PCAC will create a Complete Streets transportation policy to be adopted by the Town of Stratham. 

Capital Improvement Plan

As applicable, review of capital improvement projects to ensure that adequate consideration is given to those that enable options for cyclists and pedestrians.   

Board Members

Pamela Hollasch
Andy Gilman
Kate Davis
Alex Dardinski