Pedestrian and Cyclist Advocacy Committee

Overall Goal of the PCAC:

The purpose of the PCAC is to research and educate our community and to advise and provide guidance to the Select Board and all town departments on best practices and policies surrounding the integration of pedestrians and bicyclists transportation into current and future infrastructure.

General Areas of Interest:

Supporting this goal will encompass four general areas of interest:

1. Serve as a resource for the Town on bike and pedestrian-related CIP projects in furtherance of the Master Plan.

2.  Assist and serve as a resource in the development of bike and pedestrian town-wide policies, such as the Complete Streets approach.

3.  Serve as a conduit for community opinions in pedestrian and cycling areas, such as the Safe Routes to School Program or a Close Call program.

4.  Provide outreach and education to the community about bike and pedestrian concerns.

Structure of the PCAC:

The PCAC will continue as an ad-hoc committee. It will consist of 7 members appointed by the Select Board. Two Co-Chairs will be elected  by PCAC members for terms of up to 3 years.  The Co-Chairs will be responsible for the conduct of meetings, for identifying people who will undertake committee tasks, and for supporting and following up on those tasks.   One Committee member will serve as the Secretary.



Membership on the committee is open to Stratham residents, applications being made through the town administrator.


Monthly Meetings

A regular monthly meeting shall be held on the fourth Friday of the month at 8.30 am at the Stratham Municipal Building.

Residents interested In working on this Committee should reach out to the staff liaison Seth Hickey, Parks and Recreation Director. 

The Committee believes:

Walking and cycling are inexpensive and universal activities for the preservation of health for people of all ages including children and seniors and should be easily accessible to the entire community.

Everyone has a right to walk, run and cycle safely in his/her own neighborhood and town.

Cycling and walking are the most environmental and sustainable forms of transportation which includes commuting to work and school.

As a form of transportation, cycling and walking requires infrastructure which should be addressed in town planning and regulations.

Walkers and cyclists are experts of their own streets and neighborhoods and must be included in Stratham’s planning process.


Board Members

Melissa Gahr
Andy Gilman
Stephanie Bergeron
Pamela Hollasch
William McCarthy
Jameson Paine
Jennifer Antonakakis
Kate Davis
Seth Hickey