Vision, Mission and Department Goals


To provide a quality of life for residents of all ages by developing and maintaining parks, trails, and public facilities and providing quality recreation and senior citizen programs that maintain a balanced sense of community.

Mission of the Department

Build, nurture and grow a healthy and vibrant community through the provision of a variety of quality recreation programs, activities and special events.

Create, sponsor, and partner to provide relevant programming meeting the needs Stratham to include families and individuals at all stages of life, of all abilities, and a variety of recreational interests.

Effectively steward Stratham’s Town parks and opens spaces intended for recreational uses by advertising their availability, schedule programming, adhering to policies for use of Town properties and planning for their effective deployment on behalf of the community

Collaborate with, and serve as a resource for, others in the community seeking to pursue initiatives and improvements that further this mission including other Town departments, School Districts, organizations, civic groups and volunteers.

Current Departmental Goals

Address the needs of underserved residents

Identify underserved populations within our community and develop an action plan to address these populations in the next few years. Priority at this time will be given to the senior population as this is our fastest growing and most engaged group here in Town.


Pre-school age


Department Policies/Procedures and Current Staffing Structure

Review current policies and ensure that current protocol is meeting the needs and demands of the Department.Identify areas that are not being currently addressed or possibly need to be reevaluated and make the necessary adjustments to those policies. Evaluate current staffing structure and responsibilities to ensure the highest quality services for the community.

Connectivity between Town Owned Resources

Work with local groups/ committees to identify priorities within the Master Plan to connect existing Town owned properties through a system of trails and road crossing to ensure residents have walking and biking access to the community resources.

Infrastructure at Stratham Hill Park

Create a multi-year plan to address the necessary repairs to buildings, roadways, parking lots and athletic fields.