Skatepark location

After a close evaluation of nearly 30 Town owned parcels in Stratham the committee has identified three locations within Stratham to have a skateboard park. Major considerations are parking and dry buildable space large enough to accommodate the skatepark.

Factors to consider:



  • Can you walk there?
  • Is it near a school or other places where teenagers and young adults often go?
  • Is it on a bus line?
  • Is it near someplace where lots of people go, like a shopping center?
  • Are there any barriers near the site, such as highways, train tracks, rivers, industrial centers, or steep hills? 


  • Does the site have a sidewalk adjacent to it?
  • Can you clearly see into the skatepark from the nearest road?
  • Would other attractions in the vicinity lead people by the skatepark?
  • Can the site been seen and approached from two or more opposite directions?


  • How many different TYPES of activities occur there?
  • Do people of both genders visit or use the space?
  • Does the location attract children?
  • How many other attractions are in or near the site?
  • Are there paths, benches, water fountains, and so on?


  • Does the site have access to a restroom?
  • Is there a water fountain?
  • Is there shade (in hot areas), or enough sun (in cooler areas)?
  • Are there places to sit and rest?
  • Does the space have access to a “safe place” nearby?
  • Is there clear separation between skating and vehicular areas?
  • Can non-skaters approach the skating area without being “in the way”?
  • Does the space feature natural elements like trees, shrubs, and rocks?
  • Is the space absent of devices that constrict access (like fences)?
  • Does the space have easy, secure places to leave a jacket, backpack, and bottled drink?

Site specific considerations

Stratham Hill Park

Site #1 proximity to baseball field, longer access from parking lot, test pits dug on Friday December 7th 10 am. 

Site #2 could impede necessary maintenance on ice rink, Stratham Fair usage of the space, test completed

Locations at Stratham Hill Park

Stevens Park

Drainage and lack of parking during busy weekends

Proximity to neighboring properties and possible financial impacts, test pits completed

Skatepark location at Stevens Park