Deschaine Announces Retirement Plans

Paul Deschaine announced his intention to retire from his position as Stratham’s Town Administrator effective December 31, 2018. 

Mr. Deschaine said, “Thirty years ago on August 15, 1988 I arrived in Stratham as the Town’s first administrator.  No one, including me, knew what to expect.  The experiences I have had, both in good times and in bad, have been rewarding professionally and personally.  The friendships and memories gained throughout these years are enumerable and will continue into retirement.  The warm welcome received by my family and I was truly appreciated, and I hope my successor is received in the same manner.” 

Mr. Deschaine continued by stating, “The Town has a great staff that is ready to transition to the Town’s second Town Administrator, as well as great leadership that is more than able to shepherd the coming selection process.  In the months ahead, I will assist the Selectmen in moving beyond my tenure and will continue to be available as necessary after retirement.  I reached this decision knowing the Town is in good hands, with good people living, working and volunteering in Stratham.  I thank all who have contributed towards my success because there is no way one person can do it alone. Anyone who has an interest in their community should get involved because volunteers are the heart and soul of Stratham.”

Board of Selectmen Chairman Mike Houghton stated:  For Thirty years Paul has been a constant beacon providing consistent guidance and leadership to our Town.  It is impossible to sum up his steadfast commitment and accomplishments in a few words.  Paul’s pragmatic and thoughtful approach has helped guide Stratham through positive and significant change while maintaining our agricultural roots and sense of community throughout his years of service to the Town.  I am excited for Paul, Mikki and their family as they move forward and together with board members Joe Lovejoy and Bob O’Sullivan extend our sincere appreciation and best wishes to them for all that is yet to come!

Deschaine said, “My wife, Mikki, and I will continue to live in Town and seek more time to enjoy each other’s company.  Although I do not have any immediate plans for after the first of next year, there are many options available.  Until then, I remain focused on Town issues and business while assisting in any way I can to make the next steps easier for everyone.  Stratham will again renew its motto ‘to be inspired by the past and committed to the future.’”  

Paul R. Deschaine                                                                            Michael Houghton, Chair
Town Administrator                                                                           Board of Selectmen